The March

On April 22nd, Earth Day, we will be meeting outside the Trenton War Memorial in Trenton, NJ to begin our event with a speaking program. The start time is 10:00 a.m.

We will then march in solidarity with the participants at the Washington D.C. March for Science as well as those marching in states across our nation and the world.

Our march route, which is approximately a half mile in length, will then take us to the New Jersey State House Annex. The Annex, which boasts Thomas Edison State University and the New Jersey State Museum & Planetarium as its bookends, was constructed in the late 1920s. Originally, it housed the State Library, State Museum and State Judiciary. Today it is where our legislators have their offices and hold committee meetings.

Upon arrival at the Annex, we'll hear a call to action from a short list of speakers. More details and surprises to come regarding the end of our event, so please check back often.


Frequently Asked Questions


This is an outdoor event taking place in April. It encompasses a speaking program at the War Memorial, a half mile march, and a finish at the State House Annex. When it comes to attire, please dress appropriately for the weather. Know if April showers are in the forecast and bring an umbrella, raincoat or poncho. Check the temperature. Wear comfortable shoes, since you will be on your feet for much of the event. Keep in mind that in order to show our unity and togetherness, we hope that you all will be able to wear something GREEN.


The event is scheduled to take place over a period of a few hours. Please bring enough water and snacks, along with any medications you may need. We ask that you have a "carry in, carry out" policy, being sure to take any trash with you as you leave or find a trash receptacle to deposit it in. It is important to be respectful of both public and private property in the city of Trenton. Plus, march organizers are responsible for clean-up after the event and we'd hate to have to remain long afterwards to clean up a mess left behind by our participants.

Bring any signs to support any/all issues or branches of science, especially those that hold personal significance for you. If you're coming with a group, bring a sign to identify yourselves. Be creative. Keep in mind that, according to the rules and regulations for demonstrations at the State House, signs, banners, posters, and placards "must be made solely of paper or cardboard and supported by the person, not by or framed by wood, metal, or any other material of a firm nature. Nor shall they be self-supporting, affixed, or lean against a building adjacent to the State Capitol Complex grounds." Please be sure to be respectful of the city's request. The reasoning is that paper and cardboard are safer materials than wood and metal.

Unfortunately, chairs are not permitted due to, first and foremost, safety concerns, as well as the large turnout that is expected. Chairs for those of differing abilities are an exception. Limited ADA seating will be provided by march organizers. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, or cushion to sit on if you prefer not to stand. At all times, we must be respectful to all State Police and Trenton Police Department officers on duty. If a march volunteer or a police officer tells you that you cannot sit in a particular area, you must move or will be asked to leave the event. Again, the march has a "carry in, carry out" policy and you are expected to be responsible for the transport and removal of any items you bring to the march.


"Science, Not Silence" is the official slogan of the NJMS.


The NJ March for Science is a non-partisan event. We welcome all individuals who support science, regardless of political affiliation. This March is an affirmative, peaceful gathering open and safe for women, men, and their children. We want this to be an affirmative March FOR science, including all the hopes mentioned in our mission statement above. While these issues are being threatened by the President, we do not want a negative connotation to the March. We do not consider this march a protest; it is a rally in solidarity with marchers across our nation and world who are scientists and science enthusiasts and have come out to protect and support the future of science in our world.


We will begin at the War Memorial and, after a few turns, will end at the State House Annex. The route will be approximately a half mile.


There are two permits required for our event. The first is for use of the War Memorial and State House Annex grounds. It has been submitted and approved by the New Jersey State Police. The second permit is necessary for the march portion of our event. All necessary paperwork has been submitted to the Trenton Police Department. We are working closely with both the New Jersey State Police and the Trenton Police Department to insure this event is safe and legal.


No, tickets are not necessary. EventBrite registration is for headcount purposes only to assist with our planning. Both the War Memorial and the State House Annex are outdoors venues so capacity is not limited.


Yes. Making the march as accessible and inclusive as possible for all participants is of the utmost important to the organizers. There are designated handicap parking areas. All venues will be accessible to everyone, including the War Memorial area and the State House Annex. In addition, there will be sections of reserved seating at both venues for those of differing abilities. An ASL interpreter will at the podium during all speeches. Portable toilets accessible to everyone will be provided.


If rain/showers are in the forecast, the march will be held. However, in the event of downpours, heavy rains, or dangerous weather conditions, we will cancel the march. In the event the march is cancelled, any cancellation notice will be posted on this website, our NJMS Facebook page and Facebook event page, the NJMS Eventbrite page, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram accounts as soon as the decision is made (please see Contact Information listed below). Cancellation will be determined as soon as possible since we know many may be travelling long distances. Please be certain you have access to any/all of these social media venues and sign up as followers or register with these sites where applicable. Connect with others who are traveling to the march and communicate with one another. If you do not see any cancellation notices on our web outlets, the event is ON. Safety is our utmost concern. Regardless of the weather conditions, if you feel that travelling to the march poses any danger to yourself, please remain safely at home. We know you will be with us in spirit!


Yes, attendees will have access to restrooms at both the War Memorial and on the State House Annex grounds. They will be accessible to everyone.


Food will not be served at the event. There is also a limited number of options to purchase food near the Capitol Complex. We recommend bringing any snacks you think are necessary. Bring only what you need because large backpacks and/or bags are not permitted at the March. ALL TRASH MUST BE DISPOSED OF PROPERLY. March volunteers are responsible for all clean up and, more importantly, we want be respectful to the city that is hosting our event. When in doubt, carry in, carry out!


Anyone who is a supporter and lover of science is welcome. You don't have to be a scientist or own a lab coat to participate. We encourage men, women, and children of all ages to attend. We also encourage participants to come with their groups - whether it be their school, social or civil justice organization, colleagues, or friends. Bring a sign to identify yourselves.


The speaking program at the War Memorial will be approximately an hour long. The length of the march is a half mile and the speed with which we progress will depend largely upon the participants. Our closing event at the State House Annex will last for about a half an hour.


Press passes are not being issued, however, press credentials are required to access any press areas designated at the event. There will be an area reserved for press at the War Memorial and State House Annex. Please plan your approach accordingly. Keep press credentials visible at all times.

Safety and Security

The first step in ensuring safety was obtaining our necessary permits. The purpose of the permits is not only to secure a location, but to ensure all city agencies, including the police, are involved in the planning process. Security is a top priority. All proper security measures have been discussed and put in place in coordination with the police and other city agencies. 

While marching is a fundamental right protected under the United States Constitution, the safety and security of the attendees and organizers is of the utmost importance. We are working very closely with both the New Jersey State Police and the Trenton Police Department to ensure the event is as safe as possible and everyone is well protected. Members of the State Police and Trenton Police Department, both identifiable and unidentifiable, will be there to protect us and our right to free speech and the freedom of assembly, as such, we ask that you respect and obey any lawful requests made by the NJSP and TPD. 

Here are some tips to help make this march as safe and secure as possible for all of our participants:

  • Bring your cell phone. Be sure the phone is fully charged. If an emergency arises, please dial 911 right away. 
  • Do not bring any large bags and, if possible, avoid bringing backpacks. NEVER LEAVE ANY BAGS UNATTENDED. All bags, including purses, are subject to search at any time. Carry only absolute necessities (including water, a light snack, and medications). The event will last approximately two to three hours. Large crowds are expected. Large items, such as chairs, are not permitted (but feel free to bring a blanket or pillow to sit on; just remember you're responsible for it and must carry/take it with you). Strollers, are, of course, welcome at our outdoor venues. Please leave any unnecessary belongings either in your vehicle. 
  • Bring signs. Be sure those signs are made only of cardboard or paper and that no wooden or metal sticks are attached. They must be handheld. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If something seems odd or suspicious, or someone is being disruptive or combative, tell an identifiable police officer nearby or a March volunteer. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. All March volunteers will be wearing buttons with our logo and slogan so they can be identified. 
  • Tell someone where you are going to be. If possible, come to our event with a friend. We are all in this together, so please take care of yourself and others marching around you.
  • Watch weather forecasts and dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. We will be outside at both the War Memorial and State House Annex, rain or shine.

This is a peaceful march/rally. All attendees must understand that your actions can affect the safety of your fellow attendees. We urge all attendees to respect and take care of yourself and those around you. Anyone that acts in such a way that causes harm to another human being, breaks the law, and/or is disruptive to the peaceful events taking place will be removed immediately by law enforcement. Any damage done to public or private property in the city of Trenton will result in a participant's prompt removal. All legal fees and other costs associated with any charges stemming from a participant's actions and/or participation in the march are the sole responsibility of the participant. All marchers/attendees participate at her/his own risk. 

By participating in the NJ March for Science, you agree that The NJ March for Science, its organizers, supporters and sponsors are not responsible for any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death that may result from your participation in the March.

Going Green for the Earth and for Science

We invite march participants to wear the color green on April 22nd.

Green is the color of environmentalism, and while this March is not only about climate change, it is certainly a big motivator for many of those marching .

The iconic pictures of a sea of pink hats from the Women's March shows how powerful having a cohesive visual theme can be. While reproducing the success of the pink pussy hats will be difficult to pull off (for one thing, April 22 might be a bit warm for a wool hat), we've decided to pick the color green as our unifying color. In the spirit of unity, we ask that you try to incorporate something green into your march attire (hat, jacket, shirt, socks, bracelet, jewelry, shoes, etc.), if possible.

On April 22nd, we unite and stand in solidarity with not only the individuals at the March for Science in Washington D.C., but with other satellite science marches across the United States and globally. The color green unifies us all. Join us in Trenton on April 22nd to show your support for science and evidence-based solutions to the problem of climate change.

Directions, Transportations, and Parking

Please read carefully.

The Trenton War Memorial is located at 1 Memorial Drive in Trenton, NJ. The zip code is 08625.

The State House is located at 125 West State Street, #2, in Trenton, NJ. The zip code is 08625.

The War Memorial and the State House are part of the Capitol Complex.


Directions to the War Memorial can be found here:


PLEASE DO NOT PARK AT THE STATE HOUSE GARAGE. We have been informed by the NJ State Police that parking in the State House garage is reserved only for those visiting or working at the State House.

The State Police are asking all NJ March for Science participants to arrive at the War Memorial via the MARKET STREET exit off our Route 29. There will be yellow signs, with words such as "War Memorial Event" and arrows, on Route 29, directing participants to the Market Street exit. Once on Market Street, participants should drive to the end, where they will reach a traffic light.

Additional yellow signs, as well as State Police troopers, will be on Market Street to assist participants. At the light, please turn left and State Police troopers will be there to direct traffic to parking lot nears the War Memorial.

Free parking is available in the parking lot off of Market Street as well as state parking lots 5A and 5B, located across from the Trenton War Memorial. STATE POLICE TROOPERS WILL BE THERE TO DIRECT ALL TRAFFIC TO ALL OF THESE LOTS. Please do not attempt to park on your own in these areas. It is paramount that all participants are respectful of all directions given by State Police troopers upon arrival. Their ability to direct and control traffic flow of an anticipated large number of attendees is critical to creating a safe and swiftly moving arrival process. Both the State Police and Trenton Police Department have gone above any beyond their duties to accommodate our event. They have been welcoming, highly supportive and helpful, always having the safety of march participants at the forefront of every decision we've collaborated on throughout the organizing process.

There will be more than 500 available spots. Handicap parking is available in all lots as well as on West State Street in front of the State House Annex and across from the State House. There is also a small parking area dedicated to handicap parking in front of the War Memorial.

In the event that the parking lot off of Market Street and lots 5A and 5B fill up, please KNOW YOUR OPTIONS BEFORE YOU GET TO TRENTON. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS INCLUDE:

-Metered, on-street parking is available along West State Street. Please note that the meters are in service on Saturdays. You will be ticketed if fees are not paid. Some portions of West State Street may be closed due to our event.

-Several pay lots are located within walking distance. Please visit this link for more information:

-The Trenton Parking Authority owns and operates five (5) parking facilities, the Merchant Street surface lot, the Warren Street Garage, the South Broad and Front Street Garage, the, Lafayette Yard Parking Garage and the Liberty Commons Parking Facility. For more information visit


Direct rail service to Trenton is provided by both NJ Transit (1-800-582-5946) and Amtrak (1-800-872-7245). NJ Transit also provides bus service to and within the Trenton area. Please check the following websites to confirm Saturday service schedules: and


Walking: South Clinton Avenue runs along the left side of the train station. Proceed up the avenue (to your right when facing the road) one block and make a left onto East State Street. (You'll soon pass the Department of Environmental Protection on your left.) At Warren Street the street becomes West State Street. Make a left onto Barrack Street. The War Memorial is right in front of you, on the left. The walk takes 10-15 minutes.

Cabs: Cabs are normally available at the rear of the train station.

Buses: Buses stop in front of the train station at the corner of South Clinton Avenue. Most service West State Street and the State House. For bus schedules, please visit .


The New Jersey March for Science is committed to making sure that everyone can attend and participate in the March for Science. To this end, we have a dedicated Accommodations Team. The team members will be present at both speaking venues. In addition, we are providing the following accommodations. If you need assistance during the march, please let one of our volunteers know.

Audio Description

For our blind and visually impaired participants, we are proud to offer an audio description of the event. 
At our 10:00 a.m. start time, please call our AD line at (319) 527-3082 for audio commentary of the event. There is no access code required to join the call.

ASL Interpreters

We have two ASL interpreters who will be providing live translations of the speeches. We thank Sign4U Interpreting Services LLC for volunteering their services.

Disability Seating

We will be providing marked seating for those people who require it. By the request of the Trenton police, these will be the only seats available at our speaking venues, and we appreciate the cooperation of the march participants in keeping them free for those who find them necessary.


Portable restrooms are being provided for the march participants. This will include handicapped-accessible stalls.


Handicapped-accessible parking is available in all lots, and members of the Accommodations team will be present to assist if needed.