The New Jersey March for Science is pleased to announce our partnership with Science Debate in inviting the New Jersey Congressional candidates to answer questions on science, health, and technology policies.

Thirteen questions on these topics have been submitted to the Major-Party candidates for the 2018 New Jersey Senate Seat and all Twelve House Races. Responses will be published, unedited, by the New Jersey March for Science and Science Debates.

As non-partisan advocates for science, neither the New Jersey March for Science or Science Debates will endorse or grade candidate responses. We encourage all candidates to address science policy before Election Day and make their positions available for voters.

Responses will be published before August 6, 2018

Read the Science Questions here>

Science Debate is a 503(c) non-profit. The Science Policy QUESTIONNAIRE was constructed by Science Debate in cooperation with their partners, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academies. Two additional questions were added by the New Jersey March for Science, in consultation with Science Debate and the New Jersey March for Our Lives.

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