Join us this May 4th in New York City for the flagship March for Science

This year, the New Jersey March for Science is supporting the main March for Science event in New York City. We urge New Jersey residents who support science, education, and environmental action to join us At Foley Square on May 4th, speeches starting at 12 pm.

Click here for Full details of the New York City March

The event will include speeches by

  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist, policy expert, and founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, a strategy consulting firm for conservation solutions grounded in social justice.

  • Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin, assistant professor in the departments of Neurology and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt

  • Alexandria Villaseñor, a 13-year-old climate activist living in New York City.

After the March, a Science Expo will be held at Pace University, welcoming budding and seasoned activists, curious minds and concerned citizens to engage with the causes and speakers that propelled them to march. The Expo will feature additional speakers and expositions on science and science-based advocacy.

Volunteers can Register here


What should I bring?

  • Signs, banners and posters are most welcome

  • Comfortable shoes are recommended

  • Small bags and backpacks are permitted

  • Clear bags are preferred

  • Plenty of water and snacks

What should I leave at home?

  • Illegal drugs

  • Any weapon, or anything that can be used as a weapon, including sticks for signs, pocket knives, multi-tools, mace, etc.

  • Large bags will be subject to search by the NYPD

Will there be American Sign Language Translation?

  • Yes, there will be ASL translation for the keynote speeches.

What happens if it rains?

  • The march will proceed rain or shine.

How do I get to the march kickoff location? 

  • Foley Square is accessible via the subway via:

  • The 4,5,6 trains at the Brooklyn Bridge stop 

  • The R and W trains at the City Hall stop

  • The J and Z trains at the Chambers stop

For news, information, and updates Follow us on facebook and Twitter @NJScienceMarch.

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